Have you gotten tired of legacy and want to use your Java skills in modern projects? Maybe even add to your skill-set by getting to know JavaScript, React and other modern technologies and frameworks and becoming cloud native code wizard?

As a Senior Java Developer you are a tech savvy expert equipped with business skills. You are the sparring partner to our clients in their business cases. You always give your best point of view and prove it in practice through planning and prototyping.

At Nordcloud you will be part of interesting and leading-edge projects. The code you write will power some of the biggest and most impactful consumer services in Finland. You will be a respected member of our client team and learn from the people that share your spirit. We also cherish the ability to be a helping hand to the team and bring up things that need to be developed.

We are looking for modern Java developers to join our team. It means that you have the passion to learn new things and grow to the next level with your (current or in the future acquired) skills. We wish that you have at least a budding passion for serverless environments and API’s. With us you have the possibility to develop your career to the direction you want and work in an agile environment that supports your career goals.

Become a Nordcloudian

We promise that with Nordcloud you’ll get to jump into a great working culture with truly awesome people. With us you won’t get bored as we have varying business cases to offer, but also have different kinds of extra-curricular activities such as an active climbing club, doodlers, a floorball team. We also do a lot of cool stuff in during working time, including but not limited to coffee tastings, Friday buns (sometimes bottles as well), yoga and afternoon break gymnastics.

And of course, we welcome new clubs and activities open heartedly if you have anything in your mind!

Fill in the application form (a short one - we promise) and we’ll get back to you :)

All applicants must have the right to work in the EU.